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The Hottest Playboy Cyber Girls of All Time

In my mind, all Playboy girls are Cyber Girls. Hell, all hot girls in general are Cyber Girls until proven otherwise–they’re off the grid and don’t exist unless I’m with them. I live by the ancient proverb “nude pics with me or it didn’t happen.”

Knowing that the world was going to change forever in the year 2000, Hugh Hefner decided to change along with it. He knew that more and more people were on this fancy internet thing and less and less were buying magazines that required some form of reading. Enter the Playboy Cyber Girls.

The Cyber Girls are just like Playboy Playmates except they were programmed for maximum internet hotness, they refuse to wear clothing and they live in your computer. I know, crazy right?

#10 Paula Larocca (November 2004) – Paula’s favorite movies include Bring It On and The Wedding Planner. Yeah, that sounds about right.

#9 Martika Ibarra (October 2000) After cybering for Playboy, Martika went on to become a designer and work in real estate? That would pretty much explain the current subprime mortgage crisis.

#8 Candice Michelle (June 2002) - Before she was the “Go Daddy chick with the big boobs,” Candice was a Playboy Cyber Girl.

I’m sure she also did very well in school.

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