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Strange Brew: Try These Beers Before You Die

Drinking beer doesn’t always have to be about getting wasted; you can also appreciate the aroma, lacing and mouthfeel of your brew too. But yeah…it’s really all about getting wasted. Still, I suggest experiencing different beers around the world. It will not only expand your palette, but it will expand your beer belly and morph you into a sophisticated slob, and that’s awesome.

We like beer. And so do the guys at, so we decided to join forces and give you the 10 beers you need to pour into your face before you die. Some of these are hard to find, some of them will taste like no beer you’ve ever had before, but all of these are some of the finest beers on the planet.

Do whatever it takes to get a mug full of all these.

10. Westvleteren “Westy 12″

The best Trappist Ale and currently only available at the Abbey in Belgium (and a few places around the world that resell it). It’s been a highly-rated and sought after beer for many years. It’s very limited supplies only add to its allure.

9. Dark Lord

The only way to get your hands on Dark Lord is to make the pilgrimage to the brewery in Indiana on “Dark Lord Day” and wait in line for hours with like minded beer fans. Or you can pay hudreds of dollars for it on eBay. Your choice.

8. Leipziger Gose

Yes, it’s a salty beer, full of funk and comes in a weird bottle from Germany. You probably won’t like it. But that’s not stopping the brewer from making it and other people with sophisticated palates from getting into it.

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