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Manofest List: The 10 Greatest Nose-Picking Moments in Sports History

Picking a winner is tough enough in public, so I tip my cap to the athletes that step across the line of scrimmage and dig like there lives depend on it.

What your are about to see may change your life as a sports fan forever. When I decided to search the interweb for nose picking incidents in sports history, I had no idea the shocking results that I was about to uncover.

Not only is the sports world filled with a lot of nose pickers, but most of those nose pickers areĀ  compulsive booger eaters. Perhaps boogers are the source of many great athletes power and what makes them such great competitors? Now that the truth has potentially been revealed, don’t be surprised if you see Alex Rodriguez doing a lot of booger eating this season.

#10 Chase Daniel Enjoys A Sideline Snack –

This is actually not all that surprising. Missouri has the highest percentage of booger eaters per capita in the United States.

#9 Tom Izzo Picks His Nose Like A Spartan Warrior –

This is why Michigan State continues to dominate the Big Ten. Tom Izzo is the only coach with the guts to eat his own boogers.

#8 JJ Reddick Digs For A Brown Devil -

So much for the Duke programsĀ  squeaky clean image.

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