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Top 10 MMA Submission Moves

I have mastered every one of these Top MMA Submission Moves; I am the toughest motherfucker that has ever lived…as long as you don’t count any other human or animal or any living creature on the planet. I’m number one.

If you’re a fan of mixed martial arts (MMA), it’s highly likely you love watching knockouts. If, however, you’re a true student of the game, your preference may drift toward submission moves. Granted, submission moves may not be as glamorous as knockouts, yet they involve a lot more skill and strategy.

Unlike knockouts, which center around brute force and striking precision, MMA submission moves can look a little milder to the casual observer, but they are every bit as devastating.

Here, for your pleasure, are our favorite top 10 MMA submission moves.

No. 10 – Gogoplata

From the guard position, the fighter will pull his opponent forward and try to execute a choke hold. With his own leg crossed over his body (as though he was lying cross-legged) and hooked under the chin of his opponent, the fighter will simply pull his opponent’s head down until his throat is against the shin. From there, he’ll continue to pull until his opponent begins losing oxygen and is forced to tap out. This move would be higher on our list if it were more common. However, perhaps because it requires impressive flexibility, it’s not often performed by MMA fighters, especially those in higher weight classes.

No. 9 – Knee Bar

If you have knee problems, this submission move will make you cringe as it can be quite gruesome. This move commonly occurs after coming out of an opponent’s guard. After the guard is broken, the fighter on top will turn his back on the prone opponent and wrap his arms around a leg.

Using his own body weight as leverage, the fighter falls backward with both his arms and legs around the opponent’s isolated leg. To increase the torque — and pain — the fighter can also pull down on his opponent’s toes. The knee bar hyperextends the opponent’s knee, causing him to tap out.

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