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The 9 Hottest Venezuelan Women

To sift through thousands up thousands of babes to compile The Hottest Women from Venezuela must have been an arduous task, and I’m in Complex‘s debt for the time and dedication they put into this list. Bravo, folks.

That rascally thorn in America’s side is at it again—Hugo Chavez has just won the right to run for re-election indefinitely as president of Venezuela. Forever, ever! The news out of Caracas was greeted by “Oh, shit” by U.S. politicians—save for Mikey Bloomberg, who said “Oh, yeah!”—but no matter who’s prez in VZ, we’re confident of one thing: The country has some beautiful, beautiful women. It’s no coincidence that Venezuela is the home of the most Miss World titles and current Miss Universe.

With so many pageant winners and telenova starlets to choose from, it was difficult to narrow the field down to nine…but hey, that’s why we get paid the big bucks. On that note, we present the 9 hottest women of Venezuela

CLAIM TO FAME: She’s on Deal Or No Deal. Yo, how many DOND suitcase chicks you think Howie Mandel has smashed? Hopefully not you, Sonia.

CLAIM TO FAME: The former SI swimsuit model is the only actor in our list that’s appeared in something you’ve probably seen. She was recently on The L Word and is reportedly a bisexual…but no kissy-kissy clips on YouTube? Fucking un-American, that’s what that is.

CLAIM TO FAME: The nieces of Robert Rodriguez debuted in Grindhouse, then appeared in Maxim. MTV gave a whole series to two mediocre-looking white twins, so…stick with it, Avellan sisters! Girl power!

The Hottest Venezuelan Women at Complex Blog.