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Cracked List: 8 Humiliating Japanese Ads Starring Oscar Nominees

Oh Japan: you never let me down. Even the most famous and respected celebs fall prey to your hilarity. Keep doing what you do forever.

Oscar-nominated actors are the most dignified members of our species. They play the serious roles that inspire us and hold a special place of reverence in our culture. But not in Japan.

In a country where demoralization is the national pastime, our revered actors, Academy Award nominees and winners both, sell their own dignity for a paycheck because they assume we Americans will never see it.

But thanks to the Internet, we can celebrate their shame any time we want.

#8. Sean Connery – Biogurt

Sean Connery takes a leisurely drive in the country with his nightmare rabbit puppet friend on route to his country house, which happens to be an enormous carton of yogurt.

It makes sense that they went with Connery, since the product he’s pitching here is called “Biogurt,” a word that when we say it sounds like the noise you might make if someone asked you what you ate, and you tried to say the word yogurt while at the same time vomiting all over your shoes.

Really, their only option was to get the only man who can make any word sound like the world’s manliest lion purring in post-coital bliss.

Or they could have renamed the product.

As an aside, Connery once worked on a movie with Lana Turner. Her boyfriend, famed tough guy gangster Johnny Stompanato, believed they were having an affair. Johnny stormed onto the set and pointed a gun at Connery, only to have Connery take the gun from Stompanato and twist his wrist until he relented.

Now watch this ad again, and appreciate what a multi-faceted man Sean Connery is.

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