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Top 10 Modern Fetish Models

Fetish models are a classic part of artistic photography, and not just a cliched trend of the past–if anything, they’ve enjoyed quite the resurgence in pop culture lately, mostly due to the work of the following Top Modern Fetish Models.

Our list of the top 10 modern fetish models examines some of the hottest and most influential fetish models in recent history. Just like some fantasy models, these women take us just beyond our comfort zones, and we’re happy to follow.

No. 10 – Kataxenna

When trying to describe Kataxenna, the word “vamp” comes repeatedly to mind. With her full, pouting lips and her sultry gaze, Katexenna oozes sexuality. Whether she’s wearing lingerie or latex, her body can barely be contained. Kataxenna’s website features a kind of manifesto on sexual ideals, proclaiming that it’s the “feminine,” the “voluptuous” and the “sensual” women that we really find sexy, not the fashion-model types with their waif-like figures.

Looking at Katexenna, it’s hard to argue with her.

No. 9 – Sarah Kozer

You might recognize Sarah Kozer from her appearance on the FOX reality show Joe Millionaire or maybe from her pictorial in Playboy, but she is also a well-known modern fetish model.

Sarah has been featured in such fetish films as Desperate Bondage Strugglers, Girls Tickle Girls! and Novices in Knots. When you combine Sarah Kozer’s brief penetration of the mainstream that brought attention to the bondage and fetish scenes with her movie-star good looks, she undeniably earns a spot on our list of the top 10 modern fetish models.

No. 8 – Jasmine Sinclair

There’s something deceptively innocent about Jasmine Sinclair, and that’s what we like about her. She looks like a good girl, or maybe the girl next door, but there’s also something mischievous about her.

Jasmine Sinclair makes our list of the top 10 modern fetish models precisely because she masters that balance between sweet and seductive. Whatever it is about a good-girl-gone-bad that turns us on, Jasmine Sinclair has it in spades. Whether in her bondage pics or in her girl-on-girl photos, Sinclair conveys a certain vulnerability through her modeling that’s hard to resist.

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