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Top Ten Songs to Have Sex To

I enjoy listening to G.I.S.M. when making sweet love to my lady, but feel free to follow the advice of YesButNoButYes and their Songs to Have Sex To.

The wine bottles have been emptied, the warm breeze off the ocean runs through her hair causing her to tuck the wayward strands behind her ear. Through the dancing glow of the candles, and the way she’s kissing your neck…repeatedly, you know that tonight is going to be a good one.

In order to enhance the mood, you randomly punch a button on your iPod, which brings up “Unskinny Bop” by Poison, ruins the mood, and causes your date to lose all interest. No sex tonight. No crushing of that ass. Instead, you and Bret Michaels are re-living the 80s, while your girl is putting her clothes back on and heading out the door.

We don’t want this to happen to you. So, we’ve put together a list of some of the 10 best songs to have sex make love to. These have all been tested – at great length – by yours truly and have passed the test.

10. Banana Wind, Jimmy Buffett
Jimmy Buffett - Banana Wind - Banana Wind
Fear not, non-parrottheads, this Buffett original has none of his standard warbling about cheeseburgers, volcanoes, fish, or boats. In fact, it has no warbling at all. It’s straight instrumental and is great at setting a tropical mood. Steel drums, gentle piano, and rolling guitars will make your significant other think she’s not getting undressed in an Urban Outfitters decorated studio in the Village, but on a Caribbean beach under moonlight.

When to Use It: Not on a first date, unless you’ve both discussed your love of either Jimmy Buffett or the tropics. It’s best to throw this tune on in the beginning to middle of your love making session. It might be too easy going for the full-on (and, let’s be honest, completely impersonal) jack-hammering you might be throwing down toward the end of it all.

Note: This track came off a not-so-well-known Buffett album, so if you want to score major points with a die-hard fan, this is sure to get them in the mood.

9. #34, The Dave Matthews Band
Dave Matthews Band - Under the Table and Dreaming - #34
John Cusack starred in a film called Better Off Dead in the 80′s, which featured a scene of him playing saxophone in a fast food joint. A friend of mine in high school said this song sounded a lot like the song Cusack played, which killed the song for me. Luckily, I found redemption after discovering this song might be the ultimate aphrodisiac to women.

Again, there are no lyrics, so non-Dave types can enjoy it too.

When to Use It: If you’re quick in bed, and can only laugh one song, this is the one to use. It speeds up in the last 30 seconds and if you can time it just right, your partner will think you’re so good that you can manipulate sound and time through orgasm. For those of us who like to take more than 4:58 to make sweet sweet love, use this in the beginning of the night to not get caught of guard with the blaring saxophone at the end of the song.

8. Wasis Diop, Everything
Wasis Diop - The Thomas Crown Affair (Music from the MGM Motion Picture) - Everything
If you’ve ever seen the remake of The Thomas Crowne Affair, you’re sure to remember this song setting the scene for Pierce Brosnan and Renee Russo’s copulation. Wasis, who is Senegalese, sings the song in a language I don’t understand, which is to say … not English. So if you’re worried about getting distracted by singing along to a song, you won’t run into that problem here. Also, your partner will think you’re ridiculously cultured if you put this on.

When to Use It: Early. Aside from earning an exotic nod from your partner, she (or he) will think you discovered this strange artist during one of your trips through Africa and not from a late-90′s blockbuster movie.

Note: The song is a duet and I’m not a fan of the woman’s voice and get distracted with her lyrics. You might want to do a subtle fade-out when she starts in.

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