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16 Romantic Movies That a Guy Won’t Hate

For men, the rules that go into watching a romantic movie are simple: if it’s action packed, or packed with exposed boobs, the flick is a go; if it’s not don’t even bother. Weepathons that don’t leave a dry eye in the house aren’t built for the male species, but there are a few rules and alternative ways to enjoy even the most pathetic of rom-coms–ScreenCrave breaks them down below.

Since the beginning of time (we’re talking at least the late 70’s), guys have been dragged off to their fair share of chick flicks, rom-coms, and gooey tearjerkers. Especially around this time of year.

But does it always have to be a painful experience?

Contrary to what you may think, most guys don’t have a problem with a proper love story. It’s the packaging that matters. So while we may cringe at the Romance section at Blockbuster, the truth is you could probably find a few movies in there we’d genuinely enjoy. So ladies, if you’re looking for that perfect movie to help set the mood this Valentine’s Day, but don’t want to scare him off with too much lovey dovey dribble, consult our list of Romantic Movies You Can Get A Guy To Sit Through. We’ve broken the list up into convenient categories to help you figure out what kind of an angle you want to go for when selling the idea of movie night to your guy, too. Take a look!


These movies have romance, sure, but they’ve also got plenty of vulgar humor to make the mushy stuff go down more easily.

4. The Girl Next Door

This is one of those movies that didn’t make a tremendous amount of buzz when it came out, but has held up and even gained some popularity over the years. Emile Hirsch’s breakout film finds him as the fortunate boy with a new girl next door who’s not only a bombshell, but an ex-porn star to boot. Though Elisha Cuthbert never quite capitalized on the exposure (no pun intended) the film earned her, she’s pitch perfect as the tough but ultimately vulnerable Danielle. Although the best part of the film is Timothy Olyphant’ as the shady porn director/producer Kelly. It is hilariously off-key.

Toss a few porn star cameos, a porn convention, and the making of a porn video, and any guy will gladly sit through this surprisingly fun flick.

3. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Really, several Judd Apatow flicks could have filled this slot, but we’re going with this one because not only does it have one of the more endearing romantic plotlines, but we’re banking it’s the one your boyfriend’s least likely to have seen (based on how it did at the box office anyway–a modest $63 million). Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Russell Brand all shot to greater heights with this film, and deservedly so. All three of them turned in memorable performances (particularly Brand’s unapologetic Aldous Snow). Leading man Jason Segel shows more skin than we’d like, but the mixture of tongue-in-cheek sappiness and bawdy sex jokes makes for a winning combination.

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