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25 Outrageous and Lame Gifts You Should NEVER Get Your Girlfriend

Hey…I thought all these (supposedly) Outrageous and Lame Gifts were pretty cool and thoughtful; I guess that explains why I’m single.

Unfortunately most guys leave their Valentine’s Day gift shopping until the absolute last minute available. That means they usually end up getting their girlfriend the old box-o-chocolates stand-by, exorbantly over-priced flowers or some crappy stuffed animal in varying shades of blinding red and pink.

Does this sound like you? If it does, boy do you have some making up to do this Valentine’s Day. Since you must have some other ‘special’ talents that make it possible for you to keep a girlfriend but you are a little pathetic in the shopping department, we have compiled a list of off-limit items for you.

No matter how cute or romantic you think anything is on this list, this is your warning to save you from the inevitable dumping you have coming soon.

25. A Virtual Gift

Price: Free

It doesn’t matter what you choose from their large virtual selection of flowers, jewelry, cars or vacations.

No matter what you pick you will look like the cheapest tool alive.

24. Diamond Ring Keychain

Price: $3.49

Your girlfriend has been hinting for diamonds so don’t disappoint her by buying her this ‘diamond’ key ring. I bet that fake diamond can do of lot of damage to your face once she throws it in yours.

23. Men’s Edible Underwear

Price: $4.99

This really seems like a gift for you. It looks like a lightly veiled excuse to get her gnawing on your naughty parts. Even if she falls for your ploy I bet that high-quality gummy substance will have her gagging in 30 seconds flat or leave you feeling sticky like you just did something bad in your pants.

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