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Video Game Urban Legends

Three words: SHEN LONG FOREVER. EGM was the best.

Remember the simple times before the Internet when gamers had to rely on their friends and the occasional monthly mag to update them on strange cheats and Easter eggs? Those were the days, back when you could spend nights trying to unlock Shen Long or revive Aeris only to realize you’d been duped.

To honor these pranks and rumors we present you our favorite. These are The Best Video Game Urban Legends.

Oh, by the way, I know a guy, who knows a guy who knows the Mortal Kombat SNES blood code, if you’re interested.

Blow the NES Cart to Fix It

Blow the NES Cart to Fix It

It doesn’t work. You’re damaging your games. The moisture from your breath causes the cart’s good bits to corrode. Use rubbing alcohol. It works better and evaporates quickly.

This has been a public service announcement from

Lara Croft Nude Code

Lara Croft Nude Code

The most highly desired booty in the Tomb Raider franchise is the booty of Lara Croft herself. Ever since she busted on the scene in 1996 there have been false rumors concerning cheat codes that undress her. Search all the hidden corners you like, but you’ll never uncover such a cheat. There is, however, a patch called Nude Raider that delighted fans for a time prior to Eidos demanding the creators cease and desist. All that trouble for pixelated breasts.

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