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Top 10 Female Spies

When it comes to spying, of course girls have the edge–those conniving, ulterior-motive having…anyways, here’s the Top 10 Female Spies.

There is a tendency to regard high-stakes espionage as a man’s domain, but history repudiates this myopic view — in spades. In fact, for centuries women have served their allegiances with as much distinction, bravery and awe-inspiring efficacy as their male counterparts. The only ostensible difference can be found in the breadth of their methodologies, which ranged from slaying and sabotage all the way up to seduction and stripping.

To prove our point, we present the top 10 female spies in history.

No. 10 – Melita Norwood

Country of birth: England
Country of allegiance: Soviet Union

Melita Norwood was a British civil servant with communist leanings whose work at a secret nuclear research facility gave her access to sensitive documents. Although her leanings didn’t alarm many in British intelligence, they caught the attention of the Soviets, who successfully recruited her as a spy in the 1940s.

For the next four decades of the Cold War, Norwood proceeded to pass volumes of state secrets to her Soviet handlers.

Although she was detected in the 1960s, inexplicably, British intelligence chose not to act on any of this information.

No. 9 – Brita Tott

Country of birth: Denmark
Country of allegiance: Denmark

In 1442, a daughter of Danish nobility, Brita Tott, married into the Swedish royal family. A decade later, the Swedes went to war against the Danes, positioning Tott as the perfect spy for her homeland.

Complicit in a conspiracy to kill Sweden’s King Charles VIII, she was also a courier who passed devastating military secrets to her Danish family, betraying every move by the Swedish military.

Charles VIII and company found her guilty of treason and sentenced her to burn at the stake. This punishment was amended to “walling” (she would be built, alive, into a brick wall), and later dismissed entirely, allowing her to live out the her final days in her native Denmark.

No. 7 – Princess Stephanie Julianna von Hohenlohe

Country of birth: Austria
Country of allegiance: Germany, America

As a beautiful, wealthy and well-connected member of the old German aristocracy in the 1930s, Princess Stephanie moved effortlessly among London’s elite, where she socialized with and sometimes seduced both cabinet ministers and the highest reaches of royalty. She would eventually turn her sexual targets into espionage gold for Hitler and the German High Command.

The outbreak of World War II effectively ended her usefulness as a German spy in London. Afraid to reside in England due to her work as a spy, Stephanie moved to the U.S. with then-lover Fritz Wiedemann. After arriving in America and becoming estranged from Wiedemann, Stephanie was tasked by the government to create a psychological profile of her former friend Hitler, helping to create the Analysis of the Personality of Adolph Hitler in 1943.

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