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The 5 Hottest Simpsons Characters

Relating to Simpsons’ addicts and sexaholics alike, Double Viking compiled an admirable (albeit short) list of Springfield’s finest pieces of animated ass.

Maude Flanders

muade flanders

Maude Flanders is all obnoxiously religious, which translates to her being either entirely awful or bed or willing to do anything including, but not limited to, blumpkins, felching, and ass-to-mouth.  For argument’s sake, let’s go with the latter.  Plus Ned’s pretty well-endowed (if you’ll recall from that episode when Homer made a dating tape for him, featuring Ned’s nude body in the shower) so you know Maude likes a nice deep dicking.

She loses points for being dead now though because, well, have you ever fucked an animated skeleton?  It’s a lot less zany than it sounds.

Mindy Simmons

mindy simmons

She was just a well-drawn piece of tail that was funny and quick, but not smart which is good because you don’t need calculus to fuck.  And she also was desperate enough to be charmed by Homer even though he’s basically as witty and attractive as a decomposing lemur, so there’s a decent chance she’d fuck anything. Unfortunately she wasn’t around long enough on the show to get attached to, disappearing after Homer (stupidly) rebuffed her advances.  Come on, Marge would have never found out and, if he was worried she might, he could have killed Mindy and left her in a lake.

Granted, it’d be a very dark episode of The Simpsons but it’s not like Chief Wiggum is exactly McMillan and Wife or anything.

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