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The 10 Hottest Grammy Award Babes

Grammy award season is underway, and that can only mean one thing: lifetime achievement awards and hot girls attempting to sing. That’s it. Literally.

So I wasn’t sure if you were aware, but apparently they still have this music awards show called the Grammy Awards every year where musicians get these trophies for singing good music.

The show is extremely boring except for the fact that there’s a bunch of hot girls on it who pretend to sing music for a living and show off their hot body parts. I sure could go for a Subway five dollar foot-long right about now.

#10 Lady GaGa – Lady GaGa appears to be slightly insane and a little on the skanky side. That’s a terrific combination.

#9 Miley Cyrus – I would say something about Miley’s hotness, but my lawyer told me that would be a bad idea.

#8 Hillary Scott (Lady Antebellum) - I’ve never really heard of the band and will probably never listen to their music, but Hillary’s a little hottie.

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