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The 10 Best Strip Club Amenities

Besides the old standbys–hot babes gyrating, booze, money for touchy–there are amenities that lift your average strip club above and beyond your wildest dreams, or something. Here are Sloshspot‘s 10 Best Strip Club Amenities.

Strip clubs are often derided for their supposed negative impact on the surrounding community: men waste their hard earned money here; and the amount of money that can be earned working as a stripper prevents would be preschool teachers and psychologists from pursuing other, more appropriate careers. Truthfully, not all strip clubs are just for staring at naked women dancing sexually on a stage. This is of course a large reason for their success, but many of these clubs are also great places to get to know people, to share a meal, to get work done, and in one case to receive free preventative health care. Below is a list of our favorite strip clubs in America, because of what they offer to their clientele beyond blue balls and regret.

They are the best amenities that men could want to find at strip clubs.

The Lodge, A Club for Men – Dallas, TX

(Source: Flickr)

For the business guy type, The Lodge has made it possible for go-getters to bring their laptops into the strip club and access the free wi-fi, and business center complete with fax and copy machines. There is also a coffee bar, where visitors can drink all the free coffee they need, whether they are about to pull an all-nighter, or they just did. This move effectively does away with the need for Kinkos and the office, and it puts a new, much-welcomed perspective on multi-tasking. Trolling facebook for status updates with one hand, while stuffing a $1 into a g-string with the other need no longer be a fantasy.

10530 Spangler Rd, Dallas, TX 75220 Phone: (972) 506-9229

Casa Diablo – Portland, OR

(Source: Flickr)

Who says that socially-aware diets and full nude pole-dancing should be mutually exclusive? No one. But for some reason, vegan strip clubs were hereunto an untapped niche market. Leave it to someone in Portland to come up with this idea, and create an environment that is as accepting of nipple clamps and 10” heels as it is of veggie burgers. Note: it is recommended to leave the fur coat and lambs wool cap at home.

37th and NW Nicolai-SHR, Portland, OR 97210 Phone: (503) 222-6600

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