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10 Tips for Taking a Nude Photo Like a Pro

If you happen to have a hot babe in your life, it’s imperative that you read this, because you never know, you know…

Maybe you and your girl are looking to record a few “memories” for posterity. Or take some sexy shots for some alternative V-Day fun, saving money on an expensive dinner out. Or maybe you’re just trying to get that fitness hottie from the gym naked.

Whatever your motivation, taking a sexy nude photo doesn’t have to be rocket science.

With some simple tips, and a decent digital camera (no embarrassing trips to the one-hour photo), you and your girl can create some hot pics for your private viewing pleasure.

I asked New York City based model, Isobella Jade, to share her insights and expertise, and a few of her personal photos, all by photographer, Robert Milazzo, who also lends a helping hand. (And they have been censored, so I don’t piss off my advertisers, and lose the few I have left. But it’s all about the “art” anyway, right?)

Here’s Isobella:
When it comes to being able to take a sexy photo you don’t need to have the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue on your resume credits, but you do need good lighting, the right angle, and a few handy accessories.

Talk First, Shoot Later
First and foremost, let the model talk. I like it when the photographer asks if I have any ideas to bring to the shot, and I can bring out my creative side and put my personality into the shot. (For example: I made the artistic looking peacock and beaded bikini bottoms in the shots here.)

Map it Out
A photo shoot usually brings better results when the model and photographer are on the same page. When shooting for an editorial in a magazine or an ad campaign, usually there is already a set concept that needs to be done, but the model will be a better model if she understands the concept behind the shoot (not just, “I wanted to see your tits”), no matter if you are in a professional studio or your own man-made one. Especially if she is half naked.

Stroking is Important
Some models might need a vocal ego boost to get in the model mood, but I feel sexier and more confident when the photographer compliments not just my curves but my eyes, cool hair style, or my smile before we start shooting. It lets me know he wants to take a stunning shot, not just stare at my ass.

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