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Top 10 Things Guys Shouldn’t Do In Public

It’s ok being a slob from time to time, but I’m pretty sure no girl worth looking at will co-sign with your flatulent, mucus-coughing self. Unless she’s got major issues, which may or may not work out to your benefit.

Curious about what things you should avoid in public? Check it out on our list of top 10 things guys shouldn’t do in public.

No.10 - Admire yourself in the mirror

Sure, Adonis, your biceps are big and your abs are tight, but your love affair with the gym mirror is just plain creepy.

The bar narcissist who fixates on his James Bond poses in the mirror before, during and after he talks to a woman is equally funny and disturbing. By all means, check the mirror to make sure you haven’t got broccoli between your teeth or a stream of snot across your cheek, but if you can’t get enough of yourself in the mirror, chances are other people quickly will.

No.9 - Pick yourself

You see it all the time: the guy in the parked car next to you picking his nose like he’s grabbing for a coin that’s just out of reach, a salesman at a hardware store scratching his crotch like he’s getting wax off a table or a guy at the urinal driving a finger into his ass like he’s trying to read his own temperature. Sure, we all get itches, but satisfying some of them in public can spell more harm than relief, and is just one of those things guys shouldn’t do in public–ever.

No.8 - Sit with crossed legs

You’re talking to a guy at work, he’s telling you about a new project you’ll be working on and then it happens: In the middle of his ramble about the crucial importance of the project and your much-needed “buy-in,” he crosses his legs, one over the other. Hmmm, suddenly his bold, tough pronouncements lose some of their ferocity. True, some guys can pull it off. However, on the wrong pair of legs, what’s intended to express comfort and ease can quickly turn into a pretentious way of sitting. Better to keep your feet on the ground.

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