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The Greatest Game on Every Platform

Lists of the Greatest Games on Every Platform are bound to bring up some worthy arguments, but the folks at GamesRadar know their stuff, and deserve props for justifying their stances on what they consider to be the best of the best on every notable console. Let the debates begin!

What is the best Super Nintendo game ever made? Which Xbox 360 title is already the definitive classic? What Atari, Dreamcast and PlayStation experiences are most worth remembering?

Growing tired of the internet’s countless, wishy-washy attempts to answer such questions, we decided to make the tough decisions ourselves. You’ll find no Top 5s, Top 7s, Top 15s or Top 100s here - just a single winner and runner up for each platform. We didn’t stop at only the obvious systems, either, but declared champions on everything from the Wii, Genesis and PSP to the Virtual Boy, Jaguar and Apple II. That’s three decades worth of potential controversy!

Before you disagree with our final choices, however, take note of our criteria. To win, a title had to be more than “good.” Adjectives like “important,” “essential,” “groundbreaking” and “acclaimed” must also apply. The following games are not merely the best… they’re the greatest.

NES (Nintendo Entertainment System)

The Greatest Game: Super Mario Bros. 3 (1990)

No other game perfectly captures the NES (and Nintendo’s playful spirit) than Mario’s third romp through the Mushroom Kingdom. Released in 1990 at the height of the system’s popularity, Mario 3 improved on the original in not just every conceivable way, but also ways that the general gaming populace hadn’t even considered.

No more trudging through levels head-on – now you chose your path on an overworld map, complete with enemy encounters, games of chance and a unified theme that made each world feel totally unique.

Forget eating flowers and tossing fireballs – now Mario could grow a raccoon tail and fly. Simply put, there was an abundance of absolutely everything, to the point where it seemed more a work of beautiful magic than plastic game cartridge. It all sounds basic and unimportant now, but there was nothing that came close to the hysteria Mario 3 caused.

Do we need to remind anyone that an entire movie focused on premiering Mario 3 in the final act? The crowd reaction in The Wizard is pretty damn close to reality. Every kid wanted Mario 3, and they wanted it now.

The last report we saw put Mario 3’s sales in the 15-18 million range. That’s more than any Halo, any GTA or any Final Fantasy. The only other games that come close to matching the NES’s crowning achievement are also by Nintendo, and this was the company at peak performance.

We’re not sure if they’ll ever top this one.

The Second Greatest: Mega Man 2 (1989)

Perhaps the first non-Nintendo sequel that stirred up an insurmountable amount of hype… and then came through on every single promise it made.

From unbreakable gameplay to one of the best goddamn soundtracks ever, this is the best Mega Man of all time, hands down.

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