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Top 50 Best Movie Deaths

If I’m gonna go, I may as well go out in a blaze of glory…or in a bizarre and unconventional way, just like in the movies! TheShiznit touches on the 50 Best Movie Deaths, and I’m hard pressed to find any notable omissions.

Movie deaths are an integral part of the filmmaker’s arsenal. Can you imagine how dull flicks would be without the occasional fatality, assassination or cheeky moider? They offer a chance for imagination and inventiveness and have given the creators of the Saw series an outlet that has probably stopped them going on a killing spree in real life. But the most important thing to know about movie deaths is that they are so much cooler than your Nan’s.

50. Death on the Ocean Wave
Shark Attack 3: Megalodon (2002)

Dr. Who’s John Barrowman ‘stars’ in a movie so bad it makes Jaws 3-D look like Jaws. The effects are beyond terrible (a particular highlight includes the use of the same shot for two different deaths), but the beast in question is so large that as a pup he’d have been stealing Bruce’s dinner money.

Each scene is such a remarkable display of the director’s child-like ambition that we can’t pick a favourite, hence the following compilation. “I’ll be right there!” Oh no you won’t, son.

49. The Cut of the Jib
Ghost Ship (2002)

Remember when cruise ships were like the Love Boat; all romance and high jinks and a friendly party Doc? No longer. Movies have now taught us that if you’re on a liner in the middle of an ocean, you’re about as likely to die as a movie franchise when George Lucas takes a second swing at it. Here, the victims perish without a sound, until the silence is broken by a single piercing scream. Silly? Maybe. Awesome? Definitely.

48. Die Like You Mean It
Revenge of the Ninja (1981)

Another one for the ‘So bad it’s totally amazing’ pile, you really have to wonder if the director just didn’t have another take of this scene to put in the movie. Maybe there was no money left in the budget for a re-shoot, or possibly the actor was actually killed by the ninja on the first take.

Of course that would mean that it may actually be the best movie death ever, as the shrug is actually a totally genuine, method approach to facing the great unknown with a throwing star in your chest.

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