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10 Hottest Girl-on-Girl Kissing Scenes

The hottest celebrity babes. Kissing. For fun. For our pleasure. Enjoy.

TV is all about ratings and the best way to get ratings is to have two hot girls kissing on your show. In honor of the second week of the Netflix Greatest Kiss Challenge we decided to pay tribute to the hottest TV kissing scenes where one hot girl is kisses another hot girl. Having Netflix is so awesome that it makes you want to kiss everyone around you they’ve given you a perfectly good reason to get hot girls to kiss you and win a trip to Vegas.

Oh yeah, and we really recommend having a pastrami sandwich and a bowl of ice handy before watching these videos.

#10 Kristen Kreuk & Brianna Lynn Brown (Smallville) – To all the people in charge of making TV shows and movies, you really need to put Kristen Kreuk in more of them. Thank you, that is all.

#9 Mandy Moore & Sarah Chalke (Scrubs) – Mandy should spend the next two years making cameo appearances on TV shows and kissing the girls on the shows. We think she should start with Pam on The Office.

#8 Alyson Hannigan & Amber Benson (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) – What do you get when one hot redhead girl kisses another hot redhead girl? This.

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