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The 10 Hottest “Lost” Babes of All Time

At first glance I thought Manofest‘s list was about hot babes that were abducted or something. Then I realized how much of an idiot I am. What can I say–I’ve never seen Lost. But after viewing the pedigree of woman the show features, now is a good time to start DVR-ing it.

Being stuck on a deserted island without hot chicks is like being stuck in a public bathroom stall with no toilet paper. It’s also like being trapped in a sexual lubricant factory with 100 women who all weigh over 300 pounds. It’s also like going to Red Lobster and the waitress tells you that they’re out of their famous cheddar biscuits. Okay, maybe that’s a little extreme but you get my point.

#10 Alexandra Krosney (Ellie) – She only appeared in the most recent episode of Lost, but she sure is a cute little minx. She looks like she’s barely five feet tall, but that can be a major bonus in the bedroom.

#9 Tania Ramonde (Alex) – Tania kept getting hotter as the show went along and then she had to go and get shot in the head. Tania definitely has the lips that could provide a man with extremely fast DSL service.

#8 Cynthia Watros (Libby) – Cynthia was Hurley’s one hope for true love.

Then she got a DUI right after Michelle Rodriguez and was mysteriously killed on the show.

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