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Sexual Anomalies That Will Make Your Head Spin

The following freaks of nature prove that sometimes being average ain’t such a bad thing after all. Having the biggest pair of balls never sounded so unsavory.

1. Largest Penis


Jonah Falcon is an American actor and writer and is widely considered to have one of the largest known penises in existence. He gained minor fame after he was featured in the 1999 HBO documentary “Private Dicks: Men Exposed” Rolling Stone also did a feature on him. Falcon’s penis is a whopping 9.5 inches long when flaccid and 13.5 inches when erect.

Why You Should Be Impressed:
In all likelihood, if you have a penis, it is about 3.5 inches flaccid (the average) and 5.5 inches (the average) fully erect. If you’re bigger, it’s quite unlikely that you are much bigger.

Below is an interesting graph showing average penis size, being much larger than the average is exceedingly unlikely.

The Down Side:
Let’s face it, having a small dick is a problem, having an above average sized dick is a blessing, but having a huge freakish dick is a curse. Sure you may have some women who are turned on by your huge member, but most women cringe and grab their crotches when thinking about a penis that large fitting inside of them.

2. Largest Balls

There have been many man with incredibly large balls. While none of them were born with testicles big enough to use as a stool, they nevertheless had some massive balls.

The massive testicles pictured are caused by an infestation of thread-like filarial nematode worms, that block lymphatic drainage and lead to a condition known as elephantiasis of the effected region (in this case the testicles).

Why You Should Be Impressed:
Given that most men have testicles between 14 cm³ and 35 cm³, men afflicted with elephantiasis of the testicles have balls that are several orders of magnitude larger. If that’s not impressive enough, who wouldn’t want a soft seat wherever you wanted to sit, especially if where you usually sat was the hard ground. Like this guy:

The Down Side:
While being able to win any argument over “who has the biggest balls” would be awesome, I’m not sure having two 10-20lb swinging masses between my legs would be very much fun especially since testicles this size are caused by parasitic worms infestations..

3. Most Sexual Partners


Although impossible to verify, Zeny Borak of Tokyo, Japan claims to have slept with over 200,000 men.

Known for her work as a Japanese/Filipina porn star. She does mostly bukkake and gangbang movies and parties. Her goal is to have 1,000,000 sex partners before she retires from the business. She has had a gangbang with over 1,400 guys in one session (supposedly).

If you doubt her claims, I’d check out her flickr account, its very NSFW.

Why You Should Be Impressed:

The average number of sexual partners for men in a lifetime is 7. For women, it is 4. If Zeny were to accomplish her goal of 1,000,000 partners by the time she retires, assuming she has 20 years left, and has already slept with 200,000, she needs to sleep with another 800,000 in the next 20 years. This means she needs to average around 110 sexual partners per day, for the next 20 years, an unlikely feat.

The Down Side:
After 1,000,000 men, it’s not very likely her vagina will look anything like it’s supposed to. Can you develop calluses in a vagina?

Also, an estimated 1 in 4 has some type of sexually transmitted disease or infection. With rates like this, it’s an almost absolute certainty that Zeny is infected with several dangerous STD’s.

One last gross fact:
Zeny specializes in bukkake, and in her words:

“The average male ejaculation is about 1 tablespoon (1/2 oz) By my approximate calculations, of the 203,765 partners cumming on me during bukkake, I have swallowed about 101,883 ounces of semen or roughly 796 gallons of cum”

The average bathtub holds around 80 gallons, so that’s about 100 bathtubs full.

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