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Top 10 Worst Movie Edits for TV

This list of the Top 10 Worst Movie Edits for TV is funny as a motherfather.

As the ratings race between television networks grows fiercer, they inevitably air more and more vulgar movies. If the networks simply bleeped out all the objectionable language out there, they would have more computer sounds than dialogue in the movies that they air.

Instead, the network editors attempt to match the foul language with phrases that sound somewhat similar, but usually fall flat and qualify them for our top 10 list of the worst movie edits for TV.

No.10 - Weird Science

When you think of raunchy movies, John Hughes’ PG-13 science project is one of the last to come to mind. Still, the censors thought it necessary to edit Weird Science to pieces. This video is hilarious for the sheer number of inane things they came up with. For example, they say “candle wax on their pimples” instead of “candle wax on their nipples.” Since when is “nipple” a bad word? “Candle wax on pimples” seems like it would cause more problems; what happens when some idiot teenager thinks this might clear up his acne?

No.9 - Pulp Fiction

Is there a movie that’s more inappropriate for television than Pulp Fiction? In addition to guns, violence, heavy drug use, homosexual rape, racism, heads exploding, and watches in assholes, the word ”f*ck” is uttered 265 times.

Still, here it is on the tube. As a sign of changing acceptance, where Weird Science was once edited for saying “nipples,” Pulp Fiction was able to say the N-word in this TV cut.

No.8 - Ghost Busters

Ivan Reitman anticipated Ghost Busters being edited for television, so to avoid bad TV censorship, he shot additional broadcast-friendly scenes. In this scene, Stantz calls Walter Peck, “Wally Wick” instead of “Dickless.” Then Venkman’s claim that Peck “has no dick” was changed to call him “some kind of rodent, I don’t know which.” The scene ends up making no sense.

Good job Reitman, way to avoid bad TV censors.

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