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100 Hottest Women of 2009

I know we’re only in January people, but it’s never too early to start making your choices for Hottest Women of 2009. PopCrunch did it, and so should you.

Our goal with making this list was to avoid the cliche as much as possible, while still picking out the hottest women in the world. While you’ll still see lots of familiar names (that’s inevitable with a list this size) you’ll also hopefully find a few dozen women you’ve never heard of who might become favorites.

Onto the list, enjoy!

100. Eva Mendes

Who Is She? Actress best known for roles in movies such as Hitch, Training Day, and Once Upon A Time In Mexico.
Why She Made The List: Mendes has staked a claim as one of the hottest actresses in the world ever since her half naked role in Training Day. She’ll be looking to have a big 2009 by starring in Warner Herzog’s next film, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans.

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99. Alice, The Snorg Tees Girl

Who Is She? The famous spokeswoman for Snorg Tees.
Why She Made The List: She’s so hot she forces you to look at banner ads. How many women are worth turning off Adblock Plus?

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98. Christina Ricci

Who Is She? A former child actress and current actress, possibly still best known for her role as Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family movies.
Why She Made The List: Ricci grew up ridiculously hot, and she’s coming off a big year where she starred in Speed Racer. She’s slated for two movies in 2009, a thriller with Liam Neeson called After.Life and an ensemble comedy set at a Renaissance fair.

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97. Julianne Hough

Who Is She? Hough is a professional dancer and singer. She’s won two seprate seasons of Dancing with the Stars, and recently released a successful country album.
Why She Made The List: Hough is one of the (few) things that makes Dancing with the Stars watchable. Unfortunately she’s sitting out next season to focus on her ascending music career, but she should be back in the fall of ‘09.

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96. Alicia Keys

Who Is She? Keys is a massively successful singer-songwriter who’s starting to branch out into acting.
Why She Made The List: She’s only gotten hotter over the years, and she’s having more and more success to boot. She recently signed a deal with Disney to develop live action and animated projects and has formed her own television production company called Big Pita.

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