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Top 10 Nude Cameos

AskMen put together their 2009 edition of the 99 Most Desirable Women, and now they’re fully milking the list’s potential with the Top 10 Nude Cameos from the 99 featured gals. To be fair, the following 10 women look extremely desirable when not clothed. And more importantly, if you think looking at the hottest nude cameos of girls featured on a “Most Desirable” list is redundant and a cop-out, this probably isn’t the blog for you.

From full frontals to topless shots, these top 10 Top 99 nude cameos are sexy and saucy and could only be made so enticing by the lovely ladies appearing on our 2009 Top 99 list.

From Eva to Angie, Monica to Olga, you might be shocked to discover who let it all hang out on the big screen in these nude cameos.

No.10 - Kate Winslet

Jude (1996)

We’re starting our top 10 Top 99 nude cameos list off with a bang. Kate Winslet truly bares it all in this nude number in the 1996 flick, Jude. Winslet reveals her truly natural beauty. Although she went on to film many other nude cameos after this one, somehow this particular film sticks in our brains as one of her best–and we can’t wait to see more of Kate Winslet in the future.

No.9 - Naomi Watts

Mulholland Dr. – (2001)

Not only does Naomi Watts deliver a stellar performance in this gripping 2001 drama, but she also lives out every one of her male fans’ fantasies by falling in love with a woman, and acting on her desires. Watts’ nude cameo coupled with her equally naked costar, Laura Harring, is almost too much to handle–almost.

No.8 - Olga Kurylenko

Le Serpent - (2006)

Before Olga Kurylenko became a Bond Girl, she bared it all in a French flick, Le Serpent. Proving that she’s fine with full exposure on the big screen, Kurylenko even appealed to the kinkier audiences, as her character partakes in bondage acts with costar Yvan Attal.

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