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The 10 Sexiest Female Celebrity Lips

There’s nothing better than a pair of full, luscious. hot and wet female lips. The ones on their face are pretty cool too. Ding!

Research has shown that the more estrogen a girl has, the fuller her lips are. Research has also shown that estrogen makes women crazy, so that means these ten women are incredibly insane and incredibly hot. In honor of Netflix’s new “Greatest Kiss Challenge,” we decided it was time to pay tribute to the most kissable lips in Hollywood. So sit back and enjoy these celebrity hotties and their amazing estrogen lips.

#10 Nina Moric – The former Miss Croatia has unbelievable kissers with most of the the credit going to her thick upper lip. You know, like the AC/DC song.

#9 Jessica Alba – Since Jessica isn’t really do anything right now but her random YouTube videos, we think a video where she tries out new liptsticks in front of a webcam for an hour wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

#8 Eva Mendes – The best thing about Eva’s luscious lips is that they always look like they’re in the kissing position.

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