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19 Gorgeously Geeky Pieces of Gaming Furniture

Gaming Furniture Main Image

Sure, geek is the new chic, and has been for quite some time. But even the most seasoned of geeks will appreciate these Gorgeously Geeky Pieces of Gaming Furniture. Just another reason to stay home at play Mario Kart Wii.

If you are part of the huge PacMan-shaped slice of the population that indulge in the multi-million-dollar video-gaming industry – and especially if you grew up alongside it – there is an entire branch of furniture design that will push your buttons (and maybe even waggle your joystick).

From sleek game-pods to tables that will hold every peripheral, from chess on the walls to PacMan on the floor,  here’s 19 household items that would make any obsessive gamer backflip.


(Image via: PlayPod)

Every self-respecting gamer has a fondness for TRON. The perfect marriage of cutting-edge CGI (for its time), geek-turned-hero plotline and vehicles that should exist, even if they never could. And if TRON sums up the 1980s for many people, the lightcycle sums up TRON.

The makers of the PlayPod seem to be trying to channel Syd Mead’s iconic design, and with a surrounding dynamic sound system and built-in screen, the occupant will truly feel that life is but a game.


(Images via: Oculas)

Edge-on, the Ovei looks like it could sprout a facehugger – but this carbon-fibre gaming pod (designed by McClaren Applied Technologies, no less) is a different kind of creature. Hardcore gamers tend to avoid light, fresh air and social contact as a rule, but this design might be taking it too far – especially with the door closed. However, the sophisticated LED lighting and cooling systems might make this a more pleasant alternative to the Great Outdoors. And is it affordable? Don’t ask silly questions. ($100,000, to you and me).

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