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The 10 Greatest Moments in Celebrity Boob Jiggling History

Boobs are an endless hot topic in the media because they’re endlessly intriguing–man and woman alike are mystified by them. The fact that they bounce (or “jiggle”) make them even more charming. Boobs are charming.

A lot of people think that when boobs move around that they’re “bouncing” but they’re actually jiggling. When a girl jumps or runs it causes the adipose and fibrous tissue of their breasts to move around inside the breast which causes them to jiggle. I think we should all take a moment to bow our heads in silence and honor adipose and and fibrous tissue for making boob jiggling possible.

#10 Lacey Chabert And Her Amazing Jiggly Boobs – Who would’ve thought that the adorable little girl from Party of Five would grow up to have such a prosperous cleavage-showing career.

#9 Sarah Chalke Jiggles Her Jigglies On Scrubs – Maybe one day we’ll live in a world free from Zach Braff and Scrubs.

#8 Danni Ashe Jiggles Her Boobs For A Living – Danni’s boobs look like they could explode at any given moment.

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