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10 Worst Celebrity Albums

Yeah, 99.9% of Celebrity Albums suck, but at least they make you feel better about yourself. And on another note: BACON BROTHERS FOREVER.

Forget sex tapes, sometimes a CD is the most embarrassing thing a celebrity can release.

10. The Return of Bruno by Bruce Willis

Remember when the hard-to-kill action hero moonlighted as a blues singer. Know what would give us the blues? A 28-year old marrying our hot ex-wife.

Sample Lyric: “Keep talking about the president / Wont stop air pollution / Put your hand over your mouth / When you cough / That’ll help the solution.”

9. My World by Ron Artest

After Ron Ron’s angry debut sold only 343 copies its first week, he officially became the NBA’s worst rapper. Shaq is off the hook.

Sample Lyric: “Matt Lauer, up on NBC. You look like a girl don’t talk to me.”

8. Mojo Priest by Steven Seagal

Think The Glimmer Man is the worst thing Steven Seagal ever attached his name to? Then you haven’t heard this 2006 album. Apologies are in order for this washed up action star-turned-environmentalist. How many trees were destroyed to make his acoustic guitar?

Sample Lyric: “Someone took me to a restaurant and I had to eat something fast / I ordered me some chicken / They gave me alligator ass.”

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