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13 Insanely Horrible Local TV Ads

Call them what you want, but these Insanely Horrible Local TV Ads are memorable, which is kinda the point when pushing a product. Not that I’d buy or visit whatever they’re pitching mind you…I don’t wanna die.

Not every commercial can come from the typewriter of Darren Stevens or the desk of Don Draper. Here is a cluster of shoddily made local commercials. I urge you, DO NOT get up for a beer. Do not even get up to piss. Just sit back and enjoy these words from the sponsors.


This is truly amazing. It’s a bad sign when an ad for the production company can also serve as the best reason for never, ever hiring said production company. Please note the quick cut to his feet at the 50 second mark.


“Billy, are you using your cowboy clothes this weekend? Because Grandma and I are making a commercial for the furniture store to put on the television.

And could I also borrow clothes that Mexicans wear and your dad’s VHS camera? Thanks Billy.”


“Billy, It’s grandpa again. The cowboy commercial went real swell. We sold a mattress to an Asian lady. Listen, doe’s that stripper girlfriend of yours still have all them dancing pirate costumes?

We sure could use them. And the camcorder again.”

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