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10 Awesomely Bizarre Japanese YouTube Videos

I’ve always admired Japan for their willingness to push the envelope, and these videos push the envelope into the depths of insanity. Super awesome!!

Any Japanese speakers out there care to fill me in on the meaning behind these head-scratchingly wonderful clips? On second thought, don’t–it’s probably more satisfying NOT knowing, rather than having that sense of child-like wonder shattered…much like a magician revealing his secrets (such as, how he gets laid even after telling women he’s a professional magician.)

Robots Hate Pushups

While good for building upper body strength in humans, pushups actually just turn robots into the devil.

Super Mecha Politician

Political satire? Campaign ad? Children’s show? Porn? You tell me!

Terry & Dolly

What do you get when two dudes mix wrestling championship belts, bad Karl Malden prosthetic noses, some plexiglas tubes, an egg and some mysterious spices? Yeah, I don’t know, either.

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