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Top 10 Star Wars Sports Crossovers

I wasn’t aware that Star Wars characters in sports was scene worth exploring, but I guess it is! It even has enough (great) examples to compile a comprehensive top 10 list. Talk about a niche niche. Many thanks to GalacticBinder for showing us the way.

It’s probably a tad obvious that we’re big Star Wars fans here at GalacticBinder.  Well, we’re also big sports fans.  And while both sports and Star Wars are ingrained in the fabric of American culture, most people don’t readily associate them in their mind.

But upon further investigation, we’ve found that the two mesh  together in all manner of ways – from the bizarre to the sublime.

Honorable Mention:
Clone Trooper Rocks the National Anthem

Hit List: Check out this Clone Trooper as he absolutely rocks the national anthem on electric guitar before a Muskegon Fury (now the Muskegon Lumberjacks) IHL ice hockey game.

Note: Skip to 1:08 in the video below.

#10 George Lucas and USC Football

Hit List: Being a USC alum, it’s no secret that George Lucas regularly enjoys attending USC football games. Considering the Trojans are a perennial national powerhouse, it’s very clear that the Force is with Pete Carroll!

George Lucas USC Football

#9 Similarities of Star Wars Nerds and Sports Geeks

Hit List: This popular video says all that needs to be said about just how similar the fanaticism of these two groups really is.

Note: The video below has some mature language (and gestures).

#8 Star Wars Fans Who Geek Sports Teams and Sports Teams Who Geek Star Wars

Hit List: Some Star Wars fans love combining their two passions. This member of the 501st Legion just couldn’t resist displaying his Colts pride.

Star Wars Colts Stormtrooper

Hit List: Back in July of 2007 the Detroit Tigers Class A affiliate, the West Michigan Whitecaps, wore Lucasfilm-approved Star Wars baseball jerseys at a home game against the Beloit Snappers. The event was covered by the Official Star Wars blog in a post titled Swing Trooper Swing!

West Michigan Whitecaps Pitcher Star Wars Jersey

The Top 7 Star Wars Sports Crossovers at Galactic Binder.

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