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The Best Fictional Beer Brands on TV

Fictional Beer Brands on TV always seem better than their real-life counterparts. Maybe it’s because they’re unattainable. All I’ve ever wanted in my life is a can of Duff. I’m think that I’m speaking for everybody, here.

My personal mission statement for 2009 is to try as many new beers as possible. In setting out a game plan, I realized that some of the beers that I would like to try are not for sale. In fact, they were never even produced. You just can’t help but wonder about the flavor of some of television’s most popular beverages. These beer’s roles in pop culture were made possible due to a show’s viewership, and some of these beers have even developed their own inherent popularity outside that of the show. Most of these are known, some are more obscure, and others belong on the list because they are part of hilarious spoofs meant to mimic beers that are commercially produced.

Here we have our list of the best fake beers from television.

Duff of The Simpsons

Duff is perhaps the most famous of all of the fictitious beers on television. It is rumored that the creators of the show came up with the name while simply joking around (imagine!). During brainstorming sessions to develop a beer for the Simpsons world, the staff kept referring to the beer as “Duff” and eventually the name stuck. Among other things, Duff has been an inspiration for the show’s Duff Gardens, spokesdog Suds McDuff and of course Duffman!

In the last few years there have been a number of cases in which entrepreneurs from other countries have produced beer under the Duff moniker. Some have even outright plagiarized the logo. It should also be noted that Duff, Duff Light and Duff Dry are the same beer. But who cares?

Pawtucket Patriot of Family Guy

One of the most memorable episodes in Family Guy history is the Willy Wonka (Patriot Pat) parody wherein Peter and other lucky winners get to visit the Pawtucket Patriot. This beer is the favorite of Peter and his friends at the Drunken Clam – where he famously fell on top of Joan Cusack, then stuffed her in a mailbox. Peter likes the beer so much that he works for the brewery.

Watch “Family Guy – A Lot of Beer” here.

Buzz Beer of The Drew Cary Show

The Buzz Beer episode may or may not have played a role in the growing trend of energy beers and alcoholic energy drinks now widely available. Most of these new drinks are truly disgusting, and I am still waiting for a coffee-infused beer to come along. I really think it would taste good.

Any craft brewers out there that think they are up to the task?

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