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The Anal Sex To Chili’s Restaurant Analogy

Sometimes a hilarious joke about Anal Sex, Chili’s Restaurant and how they’re related becomes a Holy Taco article. This is one of those times.

Recently we here at the Taco were talking about anal sex (shocking, I know) and we realized that the way women feel about anal sex is almost identical to the way they feel about eating at the restaurant Chili’s.

Here’s how we broke it down.

1. Women Who Don’t Love Chili’s But Will Eat There On Occasion

A lot of women think Chili’s is just okay.  If they’re hungry and they’re near a Chili’s, you might be able to talk them in to eating there.

Or, if it’s your birthday, and Chili’s is your faaaavorite place to go, then your girlfriend might say “okay, fine, it’s your birthday, we’ll go to Chili’s and I won’t complain.  I’ll even order the Queso Skillet.”   They’ll never ask to go to Chili’s, but they can understand why you enjoy the food there, even though it’s not something healthy to have every day.

2. Women Who Will Only Eat At Chili’s When They’re Drunk.

If these women are sober, they’ll tell you how disgusting Chili’s is, and how they would NEVER eat there.  But as soon as they’re wasted, they’re like “I am craving for some Chili’s.”  Then the next morning they’ll be like “Oh my god, where did we eat last night?” and when you say “Chili’s” they’ll tell you “Don’t get used to eating there.  I feel sick.”

And sometimes if they’re drunk enough, they’ll wander into Chili’s by accident, because they’ll think they’re someplace else.  Then by the time they realize it’s Chili’s, they’re hungry and they’re there, so why not?

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