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7 Fake Movies We Wish Were Real

Campus Squeeze poses an important question: If we’re going to keep raiding the coffers of old franchises, why not make the Fake Movies…in Movies?

The “play-within-a-play” concept is perhaps MOST famous in Hamlet, when the actors perform The Mousetrap, a play that chronicles King Hamlet’s murder by his own brother. The point is, sometimes movies and television make up fake movies for the characters in their respective universes, often, the result is hilarious and intriguing, prompting the audience to say “I wish that was a REAL movie!” Here are seven movies, actually, a bit more than that but we wanted this to be “tidy”, we wish were real.

7. The 3: Adaptation

Why It Should Be Real:

The whole point of The 3 script in Adaptation is to show how many Hollywood films rely on bizarre plot points without any actual meaning for substance. Or, it could be Charlie Kaufman making fun of himself for writing such a unique screenplay for Adaptation.

Either way, Donald Kaufman’s The 3 seems like a hilarious and bizarre thriller that would probably sell a lot of tickets…and it sort of did.  Identity starring John Cusack came out the following year, and performed moderately well in the box office despite Kaufman’s obvious jab at contrived plot lines.

6. Satan’s Alley, The Fatties: Fart 2: Tropic Thunder: Tropic Thunder

Why It Should Be Real:

It looks like one amazing fictional cast. Kirk Lazarus looks great in Satan’s Alley, the film about two gay monks, Jeff Portnoy’s The Fatties: Fart 2 looks like a good movie to see when you’re high as hell, and obviously the actual film Tropic Thunder looks like an crazy good action/war film.

5. Home for Purim: For Your Consideration

Why It Should Be Real:

Home For Purim, and later called Home For Thanksgiving because the original title is “too Jewish” looks like a real tear-jerker. It would probably be a good movie to take a date, not to mention that the cast is full of actors who are “ALMOST nominated for an Academy Award.”

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