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The 10 Sexiest Photos of Female Celebrities Wearing Glasses

Sometimes, it’s the little details that count, like a pair of designer glasses on a pretty face on top of a pair of boobs. It adds that extra level of class and sophistication that drive them wild. And by them I mean me.

If you take a hot girl and put nice glasses on her, it’s a well known fact that you’ve instantly doubled her hotness.  I’ve personally been dealing with a “hot girls wearing glasses” fetish for a little over two years thanks to a hot Asian ex-girlfriend. She also let me drink a glass of scotch every night while I watched her shower, but that’s a whole other story.

#10 Rosario Dawson – One of my favorite Rosario Dawson moments of all time is when she’s dancing without a bra in Clerks 2. And what do you know, that just so happens to be the video I chose.

#9 Katharine McPhee – Wait a second, the video I chose for Katharine also has her chest candies dancing. It’s like it was intentional or something?

#8 Lisa Loeb – Lisa pretty much started the “hot girls with glasses” craze with her SNL performance back in 1995 and she also just so happens to look really good wearing a thong.

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