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Manofest Gallery: The 101 Hottest NFC & AFC Championship Cheerleaders

Pictures of hot cheerleaders = front-page worthy story. We strive for excellence.

First off, I have to say that I have officially lost all respect for the Pittsburgh Steelers franchise by making this awesome cheerleader gallery. The reason I have lost all respect for them is because you will not find any of their cheerleaders in this gallery because they don’t have any! Having an NFL franchise without cheerleaders is like having a girlfriend without boobs. It doesn’t make any sense. I also have to say that the Steelers appear to have absolutely no chance of winning the Super Bowl this year because they’re the only team left that doesn’t have a bird mascot.

And why do so many teams have bird mascots? Birds aren’t tough and they have no athletic ability of any kind. And why are most people so boring?

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