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10 Actresses You Need to Get to Know in 2009

NextRound has published a fine list of Actresses You Need to Get to Know in 2009, and it proves that hot babes with nice smiles and boobs are gonna be big in ’09. Huge news. You heard it here…second!

With every new year comes a fresh crop of emerging Hollywood actresses looking to go from “gets an occasional stalker” status to “horny dudes around the world Google my name” status.

Here are our ten picks to make the leap to the big time in 2009…

Isabel Lucas

Isabel will be playing the other hot chick in this summer’s Transformers sequel. If Michael Bay knows what’s good for him he’ll have written in a shower scene for her and Megan Fox.

Rachel Nichols

Big, big year for our girl Rachel. Not only is she playing Scarlett in the upcoming G.I. Joe movie but she’s also in the new Star Trek flick. She’s going to have to hire an assistant just to comb through all the fanboy mail.

Malin Akerman

Malin is best known (by us) for coining “Cock me!” in The Heartbreak Kid, but 2009 should be her breakout year with a leading role in Watchmen as well as starring in the comedy Couples Retreat with Vince Vaughn and Jason Bateman (two dudes we desperately want to have a beer with).

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