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Manofest List: The 10 Hottest Moments in Japanese Game Show History

Japanese game shows are the best source of entertainment today. They never make any sense–if anything they try to be as random as possible–and most of the time they use boobs and asses in their scenarios. Lucky for us Manofest has rounded up the Hottest Moments in Japanese Game Show History, and done away with the freaky, creepy old men…for the most part.

Game shows are yet another form of American television that continues to suck in comparison to the rest of the world. For some reason, American TV networks seem to think that people still want to watch and bunch of old fat ass men host game shows where a bunch of fat ass ugly people try to answer questions correctly to win cash prizes.

Yeah, that was really entertaining…in 1960.

All they need to do is get a bunch of hot girls with big boobs, give them bikinis and make them do stuff. That’s called instant ratings, you ignorant bastards.

#10 The Bikini Tight Rope Fighting Game –

Tight rope fighting with girls wearing clothes…eh. Tight rope fighting with Japanese girls in bikinis…awesome.

#9 The Hot Water Endurance Making Boobs Shake Game –

How long would you stay in boiling hot water in order to make an electric chair move which causes a girls boobs shake? That is the question.

#8 The Hot Girls In Schoolgirl Outfits Guess By Touching Game - There’s not a lot of skin but there’s so many of them in schoolgirl outfits and they’re all screaming hysterically. I wonder how I can make my brain have this dream?

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