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Twenty Celebrity Hotties Who Twitter

Our friends at COED Magazine have collected the Twenty Hottest Celebrity Twitterers into an article, and it’s as informative as it is inspiring…in my pants. If they only knew what I’m doing when they let me know what they’re doing…?

Twitter is quickly becoming the most talked about social Site on the Web. Even your mom knows about Twitter. She might not know what it does or what it’s for–then again, neither does anyone else! But now, we have an answer: it’s to keep track of super hot celebrities without risk of getting slapped with a restraining order! Hooray! So to help get you started, we’ve put together a list of all the hottest Twitter-using celebs, with links to their (real) Twitter pages.

Before you know it, you’ll be all, “OMG, Tina Fey! UR SOOooooOOOOoo FNY :~b,” and life will be good.


Kristen Stewart – Actress

Twitter ID: Kbitch

With films like Panic Room, Zathura and Twilight already under her belt, 18-year-old Kristen Stewart has had more success in Hollywood in a few short years than most actors do in an entire lifetime. Twilight still sucks, though…

Best Tweet: “f*ck my life, i want some privacy. OKAY?” 21 days ago from web

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Brooke Hogan – Singer, Actress

Twitter ID: BrookeHogan

Usually we’re not the biggest fans of Brooke Hogan, being that she’s somewhat of a retarded hosebeast. But she’s a blond hosebeast with an awesome rack, so we’ll let it slide–this time.

Best Tweet: “I really hate Hulkamaniacs..They are so dumb” 12:59 PM Dec 17th, 2008 from web

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Nikki Reed – Actress

Twitter ID: itsnikkibitch

First landing on the scene after her landing a role in Thirteen and Lords of Dogtown, Nikki Reed recently shot to the top of the celebrity charts with her role in Twilight–which is probably the gayest vampire movie this side of Gay Vampires 7.

Best Tweet: “found photos of rob & i from yesterday. good thing you stayed at home or you would have had a meltdown” 16 days ago from web in reply to Kbitch

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