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The 10 Sexiest Female Puppets of All Time

Just when you think Top 10 articles are over, somebody has to post up a Sexiest Female Puppets list, which is an extremely overlooked category. Congrats, Manofest–you have truly outdone yourselves with this one.

With the human female species becoming less and less tolerable these days, maybe it’s time that men start considering hot puppets as a form of companionship. Just think of all the positives. They’ll obey your every command, they only talk when you want them to talk and you can put your hand inside them whenever you’re in the mood. The downside is that they can’t really cook, but you can teach them how … with your fingers.

#10 Lucy The Slut (Avenue Q) – Who wouldn’t want to hook up with a chick whose last name is “Slut.” And who wouldn’t want to get down with some bright pink boobies for that matter.

Now, we must warn you that if you do hook up with her there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll get puppet herpes but who doesn’t have that these days.

#9 Sy Snootles (Return Of The Jedi) – Sy may not be that hot, but we’re willing to bet that she’d do very well on her “oral examination.” You know, the whole golf ball through garden hose thing.

#8 Kira (Dark Crystal) – She kinda got a Hillary Duff thing going on and she was the last female Gelfling alive. That’s like being able to have sex with the last human female on the planet … which would cost a fortune, btw.

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