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Cool But Nearly Impossible Products

I used to be on top of the technological world, back when SNES was at its height and digital rear projection TVs were only for the rich and famous. These days I can’t even turn on these futuristic gizmos. But if you like a challenge with your tech, I would suggest a gadget from Cool Material‘s 19 Cool Products That Are Almost Impossible to Use. They have a Level 5 Difficulty.

Sometimes modern design and minimalism go a little too far and it’s hard to figure out exactly what the products are.¬†We’ve tracked down 19 products that look quite cool but leave you wondering wtf?

The Cell Tankless Toilet

Even in the most modern bathroom design, a toilet is a toilet right?

Apparently not, which is fine with us because why should your bathroom have to revolve around the throne? Downplay it with the egg shaped design of the Cell Tankless Toilet. [Via Yanko]

Recycled Paper Side Table

It’s kind of easy to call anything that could technically support a lamp and some magazines a “side table” which gives lots of room to minimalist designers. The Recycled Paper Side Table by Matt Gagnon technically fits the requirement of being able to hold something on it, although until you put a lamp on it people will have no clue what it is. $2798 [Source]

KONE Vacuum System

Usually you’re looking for a place to stash your vacuum in your tiny city apartment, but here’s one that you can leave out as a piece of modern art. The Dirt Devil Kone Vacuum is cordless, bagless and the coolest looking vacuum you never knew you wanted. $40 at Amazon.

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