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The 10 Greatest Drunk Celebrity Videos

Imagine–just imagine–being able to shit-face wasted while on live television, on the red carpet, or while giving a speech at an awards show. That, my friends, is called being a celebrity. The only requirement you need to be a part of their society is to be shameless and drunk. I’m halfway there myself.

What better way to celebrate your New Years Eve hangover than watching a bunch of celebrities being drunk assholes just like you.

As we all know, the best part about alcohol is that it brings out people’s inner-asshole. Actually, it brings out the inner-asshole in cool people and it brings out the inner-douche bag in losers. It releases all of the voices in our head so that people can finally hear the things we really want to say. And as well all know the inner-voices are way more entertaining than the usual boring censored drivel most people spew out of their mouths everyday.

#10 Danny Devito Drunk On The View – Wait a second … do you think it’s possible that Danny Devito and Rosie O’Donnell are the same person?

#9 Drunk P Diddy Talks About Proactiv - I think “P Diddy” should replace the word crazy. The next time you’re talking to a girl that’s acting crazy, tell her she’s acting “P Diddy.”

#8 What Is Alex Trebek Drunk - Come on, you always knew deep down that Alex Trebek was an asshole in real life.

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