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Top 10: 2009 Pleasure Resolutions

Another day, another list of resolutions. To be fair, AskMen‘s list of Pleasure Resolutions comes from a different angle then most, but whatever anyhow–it’s New Year’s Eve, and every ambitious resolution made will be forgotten with the post-New Year’s hangover. 2009 will be exactly like 2008, but one year later.

No. 10 – Grow a Mustache

Show the world you’re bursting with testosterone by cultivating your very own patch of facial fuzz. You can keep things simple with designs inspired by Clark Gable, Burt Reynolds, Phil Scolari and Tom Selleck, or you can get extravagant with a furry fashion statement stolen from Zorro, Frank Zappa and Spanish surrealist Salvador Dali. November is an especially good month to grow a flavor-saver since it coincides with Movember, an annual mustache-growing charity event that raises funds for the battle against prostate cancer.

No. 9 – Go to a Comedy Show

Laughter, as the saying goes, is the best medicine (unless, of course, you have gonorrhea, in which case you might want to stick with penicillin).

Regardless of your medical condition, you’re sure to enjoy a fun night out at a live comedy event. Most big cities have at least two full-time comedy venues as well as their own fair share of cafes and bars that periodically host underground comedy revues. Check the events listing of your local newspaper to find the event that’s right for you.

No. 8 – Celebrate Oktoberfest

Put on your very best lederhosen and head off to Munich for the city’s annual Oktoberfest celebrations! This alcohol-infused, 16-day event attracts millions of revelers who gather in outdoor beer halls to sing traditional German songs, eat schweinsbraten and drink twice their weight in Löwenbräu. Even if you can’t afford the air fare to Germany, you can still pay homage to the Fatherland by attending any number of Oktoberfest parties held througout the country.

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