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The 50 Hottest Victoria’s Secret Models

My favorite kind of extensive research is the type that goes into creating a list of babes, in order of hot to hottest. It’s an important topic that needs to be investigated. We should give more funding to places like Pop Crunch for their field work, recently seen in their 50 Hottest Victoria’s Secret Models list.

50. Veronika Varekova

Varekova has made eight appearances in SI’s swimsuit issue (you’ll find as we go on into this list that there’s a ton of overlap between the SI swimsuit issue and Victoria’s Secret models, which is the way it should be of course) including a cover in 2004. Click here for more pictures of Veronika Varekova!

49. Shiraz Tal

Tal has been retired for awhile, but was a huge model earlier this decade, including a stint as the face of Hanes. She also competed in an early season of Dancing With The Stars. Click here for more pictures of Shiraz Tal!

48. Chandra North

North was a model mostly in the early 90’s, so anyone who was coming of age at that time certainly will remember her from Victoria’s Secret catalogs and SI swimsuit issues. Click here for more pictures of Chandra North!

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