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The 12 Most Embarrassing Photos of 2008

Another year-in-review article, this time from Cracked, covering the 12 Most Embarrassing Photos of 2008. View the pics and taste the regret.

To celebrate the New Year, we at Cracked have dug deep in the annals of local news to salute those ordinary folks who in 2008 had their lives forever cursed by some unfortunate photographs.

Their moments of poor judgment have been frozen for all time, the images freely available online to their future employers and children. So laugh at them while you can, because this time next year it could be any of us.

#12. Swastikas + Cheerleaders = Local News

“How to Collect Unemployment” by ex-New England Patriots cheerleader Caitlin Davis:

1.) Be the public face (and legs and butt) of a Super Bowl-winning sports franchise. Make sure the team has a Jewish owner.

2.) Draw some swastikas on a wasted buddy.

3.) Post photos of your body art on Facebook.

4.) Lose job.

#11. Burglar Transforms Self into Human Pinata

On August 21, John Pearce of Dartford, England smashed the front window of a house, hopped a tiny wall and somehow ensnared his shoelaces in a windowpane. He dangled there for over an hour, regaling neighbors with his screams for help and naked pink tummy.

“I’m not the burglar!” (actual quote)

Wait, how the hell is this even possible? We’re not sure how it is in England, but here in America, shoelaces and windowpanes aren’t exactly known for their insurmountable structural integrity.

All we know is that it must have taken the restraint of Buddha himself to avoid smacking the guy with sticks until the cops arrived.

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