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The 10 Hottest Showtime TV Babes

From one Californication fan to another, I approve of this Manofest list.

HBO used to be the undisputed king of movie channel television shows, but they’ve done an amazing job a sucking lately. Enter Showtime, the new king in town and the best part is all of their shows are filled with tons of hot chicks. And as we all know, the best part about hot chicks on movie channel TV shows is that they all take their tops off at one point or another.

#10 Madeline Zima (Californication) – Madeline is the girl who made “punch f*cking” famous. The image of her riding David Duchovny topless while punching him in the face is forever burned in my brain.

#9 Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter) – Dexter’s real life main squeeze may be a little tomboy-ish, but she’s got an ass that could melt ice.

#8 Jennifer Beals (The L Word) – The girl made famous by the movie Flashdance has spent the last six seasons of the L-Word doing lots of “L” stuff.

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