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Fusion CA-IP500 Swallows…iPods

If you’re in a bind for Christmas gifts this year, and money isn’t too tight, I’d recommend getting Fusion’s iPod car stereo. This device acts as a CD player, with your iPod going directly inside like a compact disc, keeping it out of sight. This is an extremely novel approach to keep potential burglars away.

Now for the fun part: it retails for $349. While it’s a great gift (and a smart one), I’d only recommend it to those that listen more on the road than in the house.

I would also recommend it to those that forgot a recession is underway!

Spend big, and have no shame! In other news, I’m buying all of my family packs of pens for Christmas. If it’s good enough for grandmoms to give out at Halloween, it’s good enough for me to give out on Christmas. Logic rules.

[OhGizmo! via Fusion CA-IP500]