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Top 28 Sexiest Films of 2008

Screen Junkies, pressured by the list-heavy content of the month, submit their entry, a list ranking the Top 28 Sexiest Films of 2008. They might’ve been forced into the often-played “sexiest women” concept, but it’s a damn fine list.

It’s that time of year when people run out of original ideas and just start ranking things.  And since EVERYBODY is doing it, far be it from The Junkies to miss the opportunity. But instead of looking at film in terms of directorial achievement, incredible writing, vision and execution we thought it best to order them according to their usage of hot women.

Let’s be honest. Plot just ain’t everything. Enjoy.

28. The Dark Knight- Maggie Gylenhall

For a lot of people, The Dark Knight is near the top of their list for movies of 2008.  But it fits the tail end of our ranking because Gylenhall is just not that Hot. Sure, she’s pretty in an “I met this chick at a protest rally and she’s really deep” kind of way. But at the end of the day she’s pretty plain.

27. Baby Mama- Tina Fey.

She’s hot because you can make fart jokes around her, and she’s only going to make better and funnier fart jokes.

She was forced to sexify herself once Palin came on the scene. We all benefit from those couple of months in a bonerific way.

26. Hellboy II: The Golden Army- Anna Walton

She plays rolls of totally scary chicks on screen. But any way you slice the artery, she’s painfully good looking when you take the freak makeup off. This is an actress we need more of.

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