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Woo the Ladies with…Flame-Broiled Meat?

The last time I wore cologne was in 8th grade–my favorite scent was Drakkar Noir; I also wore Z. Cavaricci’s with a braided leather belt. Needless to say, I looked and smelled awesome and had zero problems with girls…

But I must admit, if FLAME, Burger King’s new body spray (?) was available back then, I would’ve been all over it–and girls would’ve been all over me. Girls who like meat. Chubby girls who like burgers. That’s fine with me; I like that.

Do yourself a favor, guys: go to Fire Meets Desire and prepared to be blown away by the magnitude of romance on display. It’s totally SFW, but ladies may want to wait until after work to visit it. It’s a panty-dropping good time.

[Via Serious Eats]